Ohio Valley Manufacturing

Ohio Valley Manufacturing

1501 Harrington Memorial Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

AboutOhio Valley Manufacturing

Ohio Valley Manufacturing has been working to establish themselves as a key supplier of first operation blanking, stampings, transfer and value-added parts to our diverse customer base.

It is our people who make the critical difference. We’re a team. It takes all of us, working together, to get the job done right. We consider ourselves fortunate to have people who have worked in the industry longer than 40 years.

Our staff is comprised of people who possess the highest levels of industry expertise and who work hard to nurture the passing of that invaluable expertise to our younger employees. It is this experience and management philosophy that has helped establish our reputation as one of the top Tier 2 suppliers in the country.

We have accomplished our phenomenal growth as a supplier to manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, appliances, agricultural equipment, lawn & garden products and suspension parts – some of the toughest markets for a supplier to penetrate.

Since 1999 we have purchased presses from two-hundred and fifty tons to four thousand tons, increasing our capacity to run larger dies – a key factor in our ability to add Tier 1 suppliers to our customer list. Investing in good equipment has paid huge dividends for Ohio Valley. These purchases also made us a better bet in the competitive race for OEM and Tier 1 business.

The company continues to accumulate customers among other major Tier 2 suppliers and is on course to continue this pattern for years to come. The experience and the team we’ve put together give every new customer coming in the door the confidence that we will get the job done for them.

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