Steel MFG & Warehouse Company

Steel MFG & Warehouse Company

1700 West 25th St.Kansas City, MO 64108

AboutSteel MFG & Warehouse Company

In 1921, Kansas City was booming. Construction was going at a break-neck pace, and steel products became more important than ever before. The problem was, companies supplying those products were having trouble getting the steel they needed custom cut and delivered on time. Steel Manufacturing & Warehouse Company was created to help solve this problem. When we opened our doors in 1921, we made the commitment to do things only one way - the right way. We committed to always put the needs of our customers first and provide the best possible products and service in the industry at a competitive price. That's the tradition we started over 90 years ago, and the tradition continues to this day.


When you consistently get quality cut steel with quality service and timely delivery, is price still important to you? Absolutely. That's why it's important to us to make sure our steel is priced right. For more than eight decades, we've worked hard to make sure that we're always fair and competitive. We are committed to offer true value for your money. In your business, success is measured by your bottom line. And we understand that high prices simply aren't going to cut it.

When it comes to precision, we've been cutting it in steel since 1921. And with every cut, we pride ourselves on accuracy to meet your exact specifications. To that end, we've installed 2 Red Bud cut-to-length line with Herr-Voss leveler, a combination that will give you unmatched precision every time you order. A Herr-Voss leveled sheet is the best leveled sheet in the business, free of cross bow, coil set, edge wave or buckle. And our Red Bud guarantees a .005 inch repeatability length tolerance sheet after sheet. Bottom line: that means total accuracy just the way you ordered it. Guaranteed.

50,000lb max load, can cut up to 60 inches wide, 10 gauge to 28 gauge thick and can hold a repeatable tolerance of +/- .005 (Edge Trim Capable)


  • Best "real world" length tolerance in the industry regardless of material width or thickness.
  • Can process surface critical material without marking.
  • Produces higher line speeds without experiencing material slippage.
  • "Hands free" material threading from Uncoiler to Stacker.
  • Shear mounted Stacking System produces perfectly square stacks of material.
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