U.S. Steel Kosice

U.S. Steel Kosice

Vstupny areal U. S. Steel, 044 54 KoŇ°ice, Slovak Republic

AboutU.S. Steel Kosice

Our product mix comprises high value-added products suitable for applications in the automotive, packaging, electro technical, consumer goods and building industries. Their high quality is guaranteed by our QMS in line with ISO 9001. We also hold several other international certificates.

We produce:

  • Hot Rolled Products

  • Cold Rolled Products

  • Electrical Products

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Products

  • Organic Coated Products

  • Tin-plated Products

  • Spiral Welded Pipes

The values of our company come from the Gary Principles, formulated by Judge Elbert H. Gary, one of the founders of the corporation:

  • I believe that when a thing is right, it will ultimately and permanently succeed.

  • The highest rewards come from honest and proper practice. Bad results come in the long run from selfish, unfair and dishonest conduct.

  • I believe in competition ... that the race should be won by the swiftest, and that success should come to him who is most earnest and active and persevering.

  • I believe that no industry can permanently succeed that does not treat its employees equitably and humanely.

  • I believe thoroughly in publicity. The surest and wisest of all regulation is public opinion.

  • If we are to succeed as businessmen we must do it on principles that are honest, fair, lawful, and just.

  • We must put and keep ourselves on a platform so fair, so high, so reasonable, that we will attract the attention and invite and secure the approval of all who know what we are doing.

  • We do not advocate combinations or agreements in restraint of trade, nor action of any kind which is opposed to the laws or to the public welfare.

  • We must never forget that our rights and interests are or should be subservient to the public welfare, that the rights and interests of the individual must always give way to those of the public.

We always perform our business in line with ethics and the legislation in force

  • We require honesty, equitability and transparency also from our business partners. We have maintained these values since the first day we started our business activities in Slovakia. We enjoin our contractors to adopt ethical business conduct and observance of laws.

  • Ethical business conduct constitutes the basis of trust necessary for the long-term business success of our company.
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