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A slightly hard, brittle semi-metal having poor conductivity of electricity and heat. Bluish-white in colour, it is slow in tarnishing to grey in air. It has a density of 6.68 g/cc and a melting point of 630 degC, expanding on solidification. Known to be toxic, as are its compounds.

Antimony hardens and strengthens lead, is used in bearing alloys, solders, semi-conductors, ballistics and pewter. Compounds are used in flame proofing, pigments, rubbers, paints and medications.

Traded mainly as antimony regulus, an ingot of ~99.65% purity.


The main ore of antimony is the sulphide which concentrated to ~60% Sb for the market.

Other forms of antimony ore are valentinite (Sb2O3) and cervantite (Sb2O4).


    A white powder of ~99.7% purity.

    A lumpy form of oxide ores is also available.

    The oxides and regulus are traded in container loads and quoted in USD/mt.

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