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A&M Group Limited

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A range of iodide solutions made from reclaimed iodine is offered. These serve as raw materials to the iodine derivative manufacturers and include:

        Sodium iodide [NaI]

        Potassium iodide [KI]

        Calcium iodide [CaI2]

        Barium iodide [BaI2]

        Moist iodine [I2]

    Concentrations are tailored to customer requirements.

    Packing is in IBC's or drums.

    Prices are based on the assayed iodine content of the solutions.

    Reclaimed iodine in a moist form can also be supplied as a basic raw material. Where net volume per unit iodine for transportation is an important factor then it may be considered more suitable. The moisture content can be variable.

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