A&M Group Limited

A&M Group Limited

Apex Yard, 29-35 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PL, UK

AboutA&M Group Limited

A&M Minerals and Metals Ltd was incorporated in 1990 by founders who were formerly employed within the Lewis & Peat group of companies. Its main activities were established in the sourcing and supply of the more specialised minerals, intermediates and metals with an emphasis on electronic properties, high temperature (refractory) characteristics and other attributes associated with specific applications.

Interests have since progressively broadened to encompass a wide range of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, by-products, non-ferrous scraps, residues and wastes for downstream use, reclamation and recycling.

Company Structure:

    A&M Group Ltd (holding)

    A&M Minerals & Metals Ltd (administrative)

    A&M Minerals Ltd (trading)

    Thornton Processing Limited (manufacturing)