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A blue-white metal with a melting point of 1492 degC and density 8.9 g/cc.  It provides toughness and abrasion resistance in cermet binders and wear resistant alloys, increased strength in special steels and confers creep resistance to super-alloys.  Its magnetic properties are held to >1110 degC and its compounds are used in pigments.

Cobalt is considered hazardous to health in certain exposure scenarios.

A&M Minerals offers cobalt powders to various specifications.  For further information refer to the following link:

Tungsten and Cobalt Powders

Cobalite (CoAsS) is one of a few minerals containing cobalt but it is principally obtained from copper and nickel-bearing ore processing operations.

It is traded in three types:

    Zairean broken plate of min 99.8% purity.

    Zambian granules min 99.6% purity.

    Russian ingot min 99.3% purity.

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