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Friction Saws

Friction Saws

Top Quality Friction Saw Blades

DeeTee’s friction saws are made from imported Chrome-Vanadium Steel and are wear/shock resistant at high cutting speeds.

Tooth profiles are obtained from Vollmer Machine of Germany. Friction Saws of OD 450, 510, 600, 710 and bore 35 mm are available off the shelf.

Friction saw operation is based on strength of the frictional heat, which is generated between saw teeth and work piece when the saw runs at high speed. Cr-V steels retains its toughness and has ability to resist the stress of high operating speeds (60 - 90 meter per second). Saw should be mounted true and should not run out.


OD 450 BORE 35 mm

OD 510 BORE 35 mm

OD 600 BORE 35 mm

OD 710 BORE 35 mm

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