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Leveler Flattner rolls

Leveler  Flattner rolls

Being very small in diameter and longer in length, this is the most difficult item to make amongst all the rolls. DeeTee is the only company in India who is manufacturing the leveler rolls from the route of induction hardening. The minimum diameter leveler roll that DeeTee is manufacturing is of 25mm dia.

Since the application is concerned with finished coils, it is very important that the rolls meet the following parameters :-

•01. Good surface finish

•02. Minimum variation(cylindricity and ovality) in the roll diameter

•03. Ability to absorb bending forces and retain original shape.

Thru induction hardening, the skin of the roll gets hardened but the core remains soft. This allows the roll to absorb the bending force and retain its original shape automatically during application.

A combination of center less and cylindrical grinding yields the desired cylindricity, circularity and outness in rolls.

The leveler rolls are generally made from 100Cr6 / EN31 /1.2067 material.

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