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Chemical Dispense Cart

Chemical Dispense Cart

JST’s Chemical Dispense Carts provide a safe and convenient way of transporting and dispensing chemicals inside of a laboratory, fab, or cleanroom. The carts provide leak tight, secondary containment for the chemical volumes being transported. Customizable for customer specific chemical containers, this type of chemical dispensing system is available for use with acids, bases, or solvents.

The carts are provided with cleanroom rated swivel casters, ergonomic handle and are pneumatically controlled using CDA or N2 (no electrical supply required). They are designed for ease of maintenance activities and come with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

Standard Features

Acid, base, or solvent compatible

Customizable for customer specific chemical containers or carboys

Material Options: FM Approved PVC-C, White Polypropylene, 304L Stainless Steel, or 316L Stainless Steel

Cleanroom Compatible

Quick connect for CDA or N2 supply

Drip free, double end shut of quick disconnects provided for chemical and vent connections

Sealed dual containment chemical area

Chemical container Liquid Level Indicators

Pneumatically controlled using CDA or N2 (no electrical supply required)

EPO Palm Button and momentary dispense pushbutton

Pneumatic dispense pump with Teflon wetted surfaces

Removable access panels

Swivel locking cleanroom compatible casters


Optional Features

Auto switching between chemical containers or carboys

Dual function chemical dispense and suction for collection of chemistry

Waste Pump for the dual containment chemical area

N2 pressurized dispense

Manual Isolation Valves with Lockout/Tagout

Clear inspection window

Refillable fixed internal container or disposable containers the chemical is supplied in, such as, 5 gallon pails/jugs

Carts can be configured with liquid level interlock communication from the wet bench to prevent an overfill situation

Exhaust Connection

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