Gatti Precorvi S.r.l.

Gatti Precorvi S.r.l.

Via Lombardia, 1, 24030 Medolago BG, Italy

AboutGatti Precorvi S.r.l.

GATTI PRECORVI srl has been engaged in sheet metal drilling since 1941 and since 1996 has found its own almost optimal settlement in a new plant in Medolago, not far from the A4 Milan-Venice motorway, on an area of ​​its own of 40,000 square meters, of which 13,000 covered by modern industrial buildings.

The production capacity of perforated sheets of the company is currently the largest and most diversified available in Italy.

It contemplates both the standard types in the classic 2000x1000 mm format (with availability in stock of over 35,000 sheets), and especially an infinity of types responding to the innumerable and particular requests of the market, in the most varied metals: from ordinary steel to that for deep drawing, from stainless steels to aluminum alloys, etc. the industries that may be interested in perforated sheet metal range from household appliances to cars, from agricultural machinery to petrochemical plants, from metal furnishings to modern construction and the soundproofing of their technologies, both in the field of micro-perforations and in that of large thicknesses.

The company has also been UNI EN ISO 9002 certified since 1999.