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Sundyne LMV 801S Sealless Magnetic Drive API 685 Pump

Sundyne LMV 801S Sealless Magnetic Drive API 685 Pump

SundyneSealless Magnetic Drive API 685 Pump – Safe, Reliable and Economical

The LMV-801S combines the industry standard hydraulics of the Sundyne direct-drive line of pumps with the magnetic drive technology pioneered by Sundyne HMD Kontro more than 70 years ago.  It is built to comply with both API-685 and API-610 standards, and is specifically engineered to eliminate emissions and improve personnel safety without compromising the time-proven production hydraulics of Sundyne direct-drive pumps.

The LMV-801S is dimensionally interchangeable with the traditional mechanically sealed LMV-801 (OH3/5), and can be easily dropped into existing pipework – making this sealless upgrade possible without the need to modify piping and foundation layouts.  Additionally, a plug-in version of the pump is available, enabling customers to swap out the mechanical seal drive end with the new sealless option without disconnecting the existing LMV-801 casing and diffuser from the piping.

  • Flows to 380 gpm (86 m³/hr)
  • Heads to 720 ft (220 m)
  • Temperature Range -40 to 400°F (-40 to 205°C)

The vertical configuration of the direct drive line of Sundyne pumps are specifically designed to save valuable space in refineries, NGL production, petrochemical and chemical plants.


  • Feed pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Bottoms pumps
  • Wash water pumps
  • Reflux pumps
  • Condensate pumps

Proven to be reliable, safe, compact and efficient, Sundyne LMV 801S pumps provide a number of operational benefits:

  • Single stage, vertical in-line overhung pump according to ISO 13709/API 685 sealless magnetic drive design recommendations
  • Sealless magnetic drive can be installed on any existing LMV 801 without changing piping or wet end components
  • No leaks for improved safety and environmental contamination
  • Safe for handling difficult or hazardous liquids
  • Less downtime for maintenance
  • Increased durability and reliability with cartridge seals
  • Maximized up time
  • Saves space-25% the size of competing horizontal pumps
  • ATEX certified
  • Continuous operations for 5 years with no overhaul
  • Barske impeller low NPSH technology
  • Reliability of Sundyne hydraulics in a compact sealless magnetic drive design package

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