Alju, S.l.

Alju, S.l.

Ctra. San Vicente, 17 48510 - Valle de Trápaga, Bizkaia

AboutAlju, S.l.

Founded in 1959 in Bilbao, in one of the most industrialized regions of Europe, ALJU is one of the most internationally recognized manufacturers in the design and construction of shot peening machines, shot peening machines, blasting cabins and blasting rooms. Auxiliary equipment for cleaning and purifying the air, being the robustness of our shot blast machines our greatest sign of identity and reference in the shot blasting industry.

At ALJU we manufacture 93 models of standard shot blasting machines, in which we can easily find a solution to your need and we also design and manufacture shot blasting machines suitable for very particular conditions, suitable for blasting “unique” pieces. All of them with different levels of equipment and automation, starting from a basic level up to a total level of total control of all possible parameters, ready for Industry 4.0.


With the aim of manufacturing our shot blasting machines with a neutral CO2 emission balance, in 2020 we expanded our production of renewable energy, installing 200 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our workshops. With this expansion we will generate up to 92,100 kW of clean energy, thus avoiding the emission of 40 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. We know that our contribution at the global level is only a tiny grain of sand, but we are convinced that many small gestures will help achieve the decarbonization of the industry, and continue to advance as a civilization.


We have a complete Technical Assistance Service in which our SAT technicians have the most extensive training in blast machine maintenance and are prepared to provide immediate service to any of our machines, either in scheduled maintenance actions or in corrective actions. of urgency.