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Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Neue Hüttenstraße 1, 49124 Georgsmarienhütte, Germany

Bars, rolled

Bars, rolled

High-quality primary material is essential for the quality of the end product. Here the GMH Group supplies rolled steel bars that meet even the highest safety requirements in the automotive sector.



According to DIN EN 10079, hot-formed bars that have the same cross-section over their entire length are considered to be steel bars. In the GMH Group, bar steel is the basis for high-quality bright steel and, for our customers, high-quality primary material for excellent end products: rotor or crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons or wheel bearings, racks, differentials or components in e-mobility.

Manufacturing process

In the electric arc furnace, we produce over 500 steel grades from which precision rolling mills manufacture bar steel with extremely accurate tolerances. We set the individual material properties of the steel bars precisely in the heat treatment. In addition, we use high-performance simulation methods and the most precise analyzes so that our steel bars meet even the highest demands of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.


Short distances, efficient processes: We deliver our steel bars quickly, flexibly and reliably - precisely manufactured and individually tailored to the customer's wishes. Bar steel from the GMH Group is also characterized by its good surface properties, tight dimensional tolerances, its optimal chemical composition and hardenability as well as a good degree of micro and macro unity.


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