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Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

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Bright steel

Bright steel

Peeled bright steel from the GMH Group is the basis for high-tech components worldwide. Specialists work together across locations to precisely meet customer requirements - from high-quality primary material to ready-to-install components.


Bright steel or round steel is characterized by a smooth, as pure as possible surface. Our bright steel, peeled to the tightest tolerances, is extremely dimensionally accurate. This makes it the basis for a wide range of components, e.g. B. in steering and linear technology, in piston rods, in engine, plant and mechanical engineering as well as in specialized areas of application.

Manufacturing process

Bright steel from the GMH Group is produced on high-performance bright steel lines. Hot-rolled steel bars are peeled, straightened and ground by machining to the narrowest standard and customer tolerances. A wide range of processing and heat treatment options, CNC units and the most precise testing equipment ensure that customer requests are precisely implemented.


Short distances and efficient processes make the short-term availability of bright steel of various grades as well as special analyzes and test melts possible in close cooperation. As part of the GMH Group, we realize a wide range of material grades, numerous surface finishes and heat treatments and can meet individual requirements with the highest degree of dimensional accuracy.


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