Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Neue Hüttenstraße 1, 49124 Georgsmarienhütte, Germany

AboutGeorgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Passion for precision

The GMH Group

Steel is one of the most innovative materials of our time and moves the world in the truest sense of the word. If you want to be successful in the markets, you also have to move: under the strong umbrella of our GMH Group, we have become even more efficient here. As pioneers, experts and facilitators - and most importantly, as the first point of contact for innovative solutions and qualitative excellence made of steel. Personal, flexible and tailor-made. Because for us there is only one solution: the best.

Everything starts with our employees, their competence, their industry know-how and their passion. Over 7,000 employees and experts in more than 20 companies worldwide network in the GMH Group across locations and develop individual paths where others might not find any.

Solutions from a single source

The basis for mutual success is close cooperation with our customers and partners. We extend our value chains, from raw material procurement and processing to ready-to-install components, with additional services and products according to customer requirements. Key industries such as mobility, energy or mechanical engineering are inextricably linked with this.

The GMH Group is already one of the market leaders in the stainless steel sector, as a manufacturer of variable-toothed steering technology and cap rings for the turbine industry. Energy efficiency and economy are becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. In lightweight construction, optimized steels from the GMH Group make a significant contribution here - with z. B. significant weight savings that reduce CO 2 emissions.

Shaping the future with steel 

It is our goal to constantly track down new fields of application for the materials steel and iron and to create sustainable new ones. We do not offer steel off the shelf - we always work with our customers to develop precisely the technical and metallurgical solutions they need. Smallest parts, adjusted to 1/1000 millimeters, which are combined to perfection to the precise requirements in such a way that they can withstand extreme temperatures and loads. So everything we do corresponds to the highest precision. For and together with our customers in order to find the answers to tomorrow's requirements today. Ask us - because together we can achieve more!

Our value chain

At the beginning of our value chain is the procurement of raw materials. But the actual basis for the excellent core products of the GMH Group is the close cooperation with customers and partners. Accordingly, our service chain does not end with the finished product, but only when all the customer's requirements have been met.


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