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Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

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Seamlessly rolled rings

Seamlessly rolled rings

We produce seamless rolled rings, flanges and wheel tires to the highest standards. This has made us one of the world's leading manufacturers of ring blanks for the animal feed industry, wheel tires for the rail industry and drill pipe connectors for special civil engineering.


Seamlessly rolled rings, flanges and wheel tires are produced on powerful radial-axial rolling mills (RAW), with two separate roll gaps (radial and axial) working together. The wall thickness (radial) and height (axial) of the ring blank are reduced by means of radial and axial deformation, whereby the diameter of the ring increases. Our seamlessly rolled rings are also characterized by a homogeneous structure and high load capacity.

Manufacturing process

A ring blank is produced from a raw block, raw strand or semi-finished product on piercing and pre-upsetting presses, which is rolled out to a diameter of up to 4,000 mm with our RAW. Then the ring blanks are finished by us by means of heat treatment and mechanical processing exactly according to the customer's requirements.


Our seamlessly rolled rings are in demand when high loads and safety requirements count. We save considerable amounts of material in their manufacture. For this we have significantly reduced the dimensions and use a variety of special tools for profiling the diameter. Further advantages are the low metal removal rate and the better component properties thanks to conformal hot forming.


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