Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Georgsmarienhütte Gmbh

Neue Hüttenstraße 1, 49124 Georgsmarienhütte, Germany

Steel bars, forged

Steel bars, forged

Forged steel bars from the GMH Group, with weights of up to 56 tons and a wide variety of material grades, provide the ideal starting material for excellent end products.



Our forged steel bars provide the material for excellent products in industries such as mechanical engineering or renewable energies.The stainless steel manufactured in the ingot casting process is forged by us to the desired dimensions and heat-treated according to the material properties according to the standard or customer request. Dimensions from 300 to 1,400 mm in thickness or diameter can be produced without any problems.

Manufacturing process

The block is manufactured to order in accordance with customer requirements for the stainless steel. The steel is forged with 27 MN or 60 MN forging presses and then heat treated. We supply steel bars in round and square dimensions, raw or machined.


Our steel bars are characterized by their optimal chemical composition and excellent mechanical properties. The wide variety of cross-sections enables customer requirements to be met precisely. Optimized allowances reduce further expenses considerably, e.g. B. in mechanical processing.


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