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Category : Forming and Finishing

Key Products : Wire Nail Machines / Wire Nail Presses, Wire Drawing Machines

National Wire Products is a global leader and specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of wire nail making and wire drawing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous industries.


The company also exclusively exports and manufactures wire nail presses, ancillary machines for wire drawing plants and ancillary machines and tools for wire nail plants. All machines offered by the company meet the highest quality standards.



National Wire Products



National Wire Products is equipped with a state-of-the-art production unit at Rajkot. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest CAD / CAM and CNC equipment. Utilizing new techniques and cutting edge research and development facilities, we have successfully expanded our product range to keep up with the international markets.


Wire Nail Machines

The company designs a wide range of wire nail machines / wire nail presses equipped with a geared type feeding system. These wire nail machines / wire nail presses are used to manufacture different types of wire nail heads, panel pins and points.


Our 'N' Series wire nail machines have a nail diameter range from 0.9mm to 1.4mm and length from 10mm to 40mm. 'N' Series wire nail making machines are also used to manufacture wire nails and panel pins.



'NE' series wire nail machines have a nail diameter range of 3.5mm to 6mm and length from 70mm to 150mm. The 'NE' series wire nail making machines are used to produce different types of nail heads and points.



Our 'UR' series of wire nail making machines is equipped with a set of 5x5 bearings in horizontal and vertical planes for better straightening of input wire.



The company's washer head roofing nail making machines are designed to make nails with washers riveted on the heads. These are ideal for use in roof fitting operations.


Wire Drawing Machines

National Wire Products supplies a variety of wire drawing machines as per customer's requirements. We offer single block and multi- block wire drawing machines for a variety of applications. The wire drawing machines feature tungsten carbide-coated drums for ffective wear resistance and are equipped with continuous coilers with AC drive to synchronize speed with wire drawing machines.

Ancillary Machines

The company offers a wide range of ancillary machines for use in wire nail plants.Our range of ancillary machines includes:


Polishing Barrel (PB-700A, PB-500) - available in 500kg and 700kg loading capacities, fully automatic versions are equipped with dust collectors and chip separators



Cutter Grinder (CG-300): with 300mm wheel size to re-sharpen nail cutters with ease and accuracy



Chequered Header Grinder (CHG-200): with 200mm wheel size and fitted with a chequered header grinder specially developed to grind uniform check marks on header punches


Continuous Coiler

We supply high-quality ancillary machines for use in wire drawing plant.


Our continuous coilers are used for the non-stop production of coil in wire drawing machines. The continuous coiler is equipped with variable speed drive to synchronize speed with the wire drawing machine.



Wire pointing machines are used to point starting end of wire. Wire pointing machines are equipped with rugged alloy steel rollers and a powerful 2.2kW motor.



We also supply mechanical descalers that can be applied to wire rod before it passes through an initial die. Our mechanical descalers are equipped with three horizontal and three vertical pulleys that ensure comprehensive descaling results.


Wire Nail Making Machine

The company supplies a range of consumable tools that include cutting tools, gripping dies, header punch and feeding fingers for wire nail making machines. These special tools are manufactured by WAFIOS, TANISAKA, VITARI, MORONI and other companies.


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