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Key Products : Steel Re-rolling, Pipe, Tube Mills, Mill Rolls for Mineral & Ore Grinding

Centrifugal Castings (India) is dedicated to manufacturing Rolls for flour milling, steel re-rolling mills, animal feed mills, oil milling, cracking & flaking, rice flaking, mixing, soap, paint, rubber, packaging, chocolate, coffee, beverage, malting, paper, mineral & ore grinding & other various industries since the year 1967.


Centrifugal Castings (India) has established itself as a major market player in almost the entire range of rolls manufactured by it. The key to its success has been its ability to imbibe the latest ongoing innovation in technology and manufacturing quality products. Centrifugal Casting (India) is the logical expansion for offering a range of such Quality comprising newer Grades and sizes of rolls for the most demanding applications.


Flour Mill Rolls

Centrifugal Castings (India) manufactures chill rolls/mill rolls for cereal & grain milling, oil seed crushing, flour & feed milling, rice flaking, biscuit, coffee and chocolate industries by centrifugal spin casting process. The cementite and pearlitic structure ensures that the rolls have consistent hardness over the entire surface. Rolls can be supplied as solid cast or hollow as bodies only or complete with shrunk fit spindles


Cereal and Grain Processing Oil Seed Crushing and Flaking
Flour and Feed Milling Biscuit and Confectionery
Chocolate refiners and Food Processing Pellet Crumbling
Rice Flaking Coffee Grinding



Steel Re-rolling

Mill rolls for steel re-rolling, pipe & tube mills copper & wire rod rolling & metal forming industries are manufactured by centrifugal spin casting process. Both alloyed & unalloyed chilled cast iron rolls & spheroidal cast iron rolls are produced for different applications & requirements. Rolls can be supplied as solid cast or hollow as bodies.


Steel Re-rolling Mills Tube and Pipe Mills
Copper and Wire Rod Rolling Metal Forming


Mill Rolls for Mineral

Mill rolls are produced by centrifugal spin casting process. Mill rolls with very hard & high wear resistant surface are used in grinding of minerals & ores, ceramic mills, roof tiling, coal pulverizing & cement production which is attained by alloying of the rolls with Nickel, Chrome & Molybdenum. These rolls are also used in hydraulic presses.


Ceramic Mills Mineral and Ore Grinding
Cement Production Roof Tiling
Coal Pulverizing Others


Mill Rolls for Calendering

Alloyed & unalloyed chill rolls or mill rolls with high hardness and wear resistance are manufactured for rubber & plastic, soap & paint, mixing & calendering industries and as rams for hydraulic cylinders. Mill Rolls can be cast hollow with straight bores by the centrifugal cast process to be fitted with steel spindles or complete with shrunk fit spindles.


Mixing mill rolls for rubber & plastic Rams for hydraulic cylinders
Breaker & refiner rolls Mixing and Calendering Industry
Mineral Grinding & others Rolls for soap & paint mills


Centrifugal Castings

Centrifugal Castings (India) specializes in centrifugal casting if all grades in grey cast iron, spheroidal iron, chilled cast iron & Ni-Hard. All castings & cylinder liners are produced as per specific requirements to suit particular applications of the end users.


Pressure Rolls of Corrugated paper board Cylinder Liners
Ni-Hard Castings All other castings


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