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DeeTee Industries Ltd was established in 1975, a manufacturer of Slitting Line Tooling, tube/ section mill rolls, shear blades, cold rolling mill rolls, leveler rolls, bar mill rolls, tube cut off knives, chipper knives, circular saw blades, etc. Exporting to more than 60 countries like, USA, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, etc., DeeTee Industries Ltd has spread over Metal Sections, Technics, Techno Products, and Packaging Solutions.


DeeTee Industries caters to a variety of industries. For all kinds of metals – S.S., M.S., Brass, Copper, Silver, Aluminium,etc.



  • Integrated steel plants
  • Steel Service  Centres
  • C.R. Coil manufacturers
  • Tube/ Section manufacturers
  • Bar/ Wire Rod manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Engineering companies
  • Auto ancillaries, etc



DeeTee supplies Tooling to all OEMs like, Esmech Equipment, Rollform Equipment, ITL Industries, Magadh Precision, Dassnagar Precision, Effimac Equipement, Rollcon Engg, CMI FPE, etc. They also supply tooling to almost all important customers who are in the line of cold rolling of strip and welded tube manufacturing such as, Tata, Bhushan, Surya Roshni, JSW, Jindal, Sterlite, Pennar Industries, Tube Investment of India Ltd., etc.



Forming / Profiling Rolls



In Forming / Profiling Rolls are proper designing, selection of raw material, salt bath heat-treatment, and CNC finished profiles help to maximize the tonnage per regrind and yields quality end products.



The Forming / Profiling Rolls are made out of superior quality imported tool steels. Mostly AISI D2 / 1.2379 / SKD11 AND AISI D3 / 1.2080 / SKD1. The Forming / Profiling Rolls are generally subjected to very high working temperatures and so are made from hot work tool steel grades like AISI H13/ 1.2344 / SKD 61.



The profile of the Forming / Profiling Rolls is finished on CNC machines resulting in high surface accuracy and bright shiny finish of the rolls.


Slitting Line Tooling

DeeTee offers a complete range of Slitting Line Tooling confirming to international standards. The Slitting Line Tooling includes rotary metal slitting knives, metal spacers, rubberized spacers, over arm separator discs and other precision tools.

Heat treated in salt bath furnaces, DeeTee’s Slitting Line Tooling has the highest degree of hardness uniformity and the ideal metallurgical properties to slit any metal. With an option of lapping DeeTee manufactures Slitting Line Tooling in Standard and Extra Precision tolerance grades. DeeTee can manufacture Slitting Line Tooling up to 500mm diameter. The  Slitting Line Tooling comprises of


  • Slitting knives & slitting cutters
  • Spacers
  • Rubberized spacers
  • Shims
  • Strip rings
  • Spacers & separator disc for over arm separators


Cold Rolling Mill Rolls

DeeTee’s Rolling Mill Rolls (R.M.R) division is accredited with ISO-9001:2000 certificate and the company rolls out world class forged rolls- sendzimir mill rolls / cluster mill rolls, 6Hi, 4Hi and 2Hi mill rolls, skin-pass rolls etc.

In Cold Rolling Mill Rolls, right from the raw-material inspection, to heat treatment, to grinding and final dispatch, all rolls undergo very stringent quality checks to ensure wear resistance, toughness and hardness and DeeTee can handle rolls of maximum 4 tons weight and maximum length of 3500 mm.

The Cold Rolling Mill Rolls raw-material is imported from renowned sources worldwide, checked for macro structure analysis, micro structure analysis, ultrasonic soundness and heat-treatment response to ensure hardness uniformity and proper depth of hardness.

Shear Blades / Flat Knives

Shear Blades / Flat Knives from DeeTee makes a difference in client’s production shearing operation. These Shear Blades / Flat Knives gives optimum performance and extended blade life resulting in more tons per edge that results higher productivity as machine downtime for blade changes significantly reduces. DeeTee manufactures Shear Blades / Flat Knives up to 3500 mm length and also manufactured for both hot and cold operations and are available to shear foils as thin as .2 mm and billets as thick as 100 mm.

DeeTee’s Shear Blades / Flat Knives are manufactured from best quality alloy steel and information on specific application of blades to be provided by the customer. Steel Shear Blades comprises of


  • Crop Shears
  • Bar Shears
  • Flying Shears
  • Bow Type Shear Blades
  • Scrap Choppers
  • Wearing Blades
  • Chipper Knives
  • Hot Shear Blades
  • Billet Shear Blades
  • Granulator Blades


Tube Cut Off Knives

Punch type tube cut off knives / system is the latest in the tube cutting technology and is now being widely used in US, Canadian and European markets. The technology is much faster and gives a burr-free cutting. The parameters of prime importance for tube cut off knives are flatness, hardness, wear resistance, toughness, edge retention, and impact resistance.

Dee Tee manufactures Tube Cut Off Knives in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the US, Canadian, UK, German and other markets. While, the preferred material for Tube Cut Off Knives is high speed steel, when given correct heat treatment, gives hardness within +/- 1 HRC, ensuring exact sharpness, strength and wear resistance.

Friction Saws

DeeTee’s Friction Saws are made from imported Chrome-Vanadium Steel and are wear/shock resistant at high cutting speeds. Tooth profiles are obtained from Vollmer Machine of Germany. Friction Saws of OD 450, 510, 600, 710 and bore 35 mm are available off the shelf.

Steel friction saw operation is based on strength of the frictional heat, which is generated between saw teeth and work piece when the saw runs at high speed, Cr-V steels retains its toughness and has ability to resist the stress of high operating speeds (60 - 90 meter per second). Saw should be mounted true and should not run out.

Arbours / Shafts

Arbours / Shafts are the machine members, cylindrical in cross-section, and support the revolving parts of a machine, such as pulley, gear, fly-wheel, etc. The steel shaft not only supports a revolving part but also transmits torque and as a result, the shaft is subjected to bending as well as torsional stresses.

After hardening, DeeTee’s Arbours / Shafts are accurately ground and sometimes chrome plated as per requirement. These Arbours / Shafts have excellent geometrical accuracy and surface quality guarantee optimum running characteristics.

DeeTee manufactures Arbours / Shafts for tube mill, section mills, special purpose textile machine, packaging machinery, printing machine, gear boxes and various applications. While, the most common raw material for Arbours / Shafts is EN-24, EN-19 & sometimes En-31. These Arbours / Shafts are induction hardened to keep the skin hard & the core remains soft to absorb bending & torsion loads.

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