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Key Products : Compact Bus Ducts / Sandwich Bus Ducts, Packaged Substations

Entraco has been serving its customers with products and services in electricity generation and distribution. The industries serve include technology, manufacturing, communication, construction, energy, aviation, infrastructure and equipment, along with many others.

Compact Bus Ducts

Entraco offers world's pioneer super compact Bus ducts from BKS Stromschienen Ag. of Switzerland. The range of compact bus ducts includes low voltage, medium voltage and resin cast bus duct. The co-branded Entraco-BKS compact bus ducts are complimented with value added services such as engineering, implementation and commissioning.


Major features of compact bus ducts are:



  • International Standards range from 1000 Amp. - 6300 Amp. / 1000V.
  • Outdoor & Indoor IP 68 Cast Resin.(LV & MV Bu ducts)
  • Indoor Sandwich Busduct IP54
  • Air Insulated Bus Ducts (LV & MV)



Entraco compact bus ducts minimize losses with their low voltage drop. In spite of the compact size, compact bus ducts have higher mechanical strength. These compact bus ducts are EX-protected and are maintenance free.


Packaged Substations

Entraco provides packaged substations, in-house conceptualized and developed System of up to 11kV, 990kVA under brand name: "PROFIT".


Packaged substations provide saving in space, avoiding of critical inline equipments and thus are maintenance proof and avoid any theft of energy or unauthorized tapping. Entraco "PROFIT" packaged substations are equipped with 11 kV SF6 / RMU, transformer (resin cast or dry type), LT PCC panel, APFC panel, metering cubicle and other options. These packaged sub-stations are type tested for internal ARC test and impulse test. Entraco "PROFIT" packaged substations are designed for easy availing of power either as an input connection at high voltage and output connection at low voltage. The company also provides packaged substations as per customer's need. Thus, customers are able to source packaged substations within minimum time and costs. The simple, maintenance free design of packaged substations is easy to transport.



Advantages of Entraco packaged substations are:



  • Compact size and simple design, easy mobilization.
  • Robust construction for outdoor and indoor application
  • Quick and easy installation.


Switchboard & Control Panels

Entraco power systems specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial switchboard & control panels. The company offers switchboard & control panels with custom design as well.


Major features of Entraco switchboard & control panels are:



  • Power control center.
  • Motor Control centre
  • Control desk and mimic panels
  • Bullet feeder pillars
  • Bus ducts and rising main



The switchboard & control panels are manufactured from CRCA sheet steel. These switchboard & control panels have self-standing, compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized designs. Protection with seven-tank powder coat finish is provided to these switchboard & control panels.



All switchboard & control panels are type tested for:



  • 50 kA 1 sec short circuit
  • Ingress protection (IP 54)
  • Temperature rise test



All switchboard & control panels are in accordance with applicable customer specifications and safety standards. All components within switchboard & control panels are inspected throughout the assembly process with a complete continuity test administered prior to shipment.


Turnkey Electrical Projects

Entraco has 20 years rich experience and expertise in handling the installation of turnkey electrical projects. The Scope for turnkey electrical projects is generally based upon:


  • Sub-station - high voltage and EHV
  • Installation of low voltage distribution system panels, cables, etc.
  • Installation of high and low voltage bus ducts
  • HV cables, overhead line, etc.
  • Electrical project design, detail engineering and execution.



Entraco has successfully executed over 150 turnkey electrical projects in India and abroad. The company offers one- stop-solution for all types of electrical installation and design, engineering and installation services within the turnkey electrical projects.



Entraco turnkey electrical projects have been installing power equipment and systems for over 15 years. Features and benefits of Entraco turnkey electrical projects are:



  • Power transformers, breakers, switchgear, capacitors, arresters, relays, power management systems
  • Technology leadership and solutions for application problems
  • Design optimization for lowest total owning cost


Universal Test & Maintenance Bench

Universal test & maintenance bench UTB- 300 is an ideal tool for testing, inspection and commissioning of electrical insulators. Universal test & maintenance bench is useful for switchgears, relays, meters, pumps and lighting system. The universal test & maintenance bench offers variable AC & DC power that helps for easy troubles shoot. As an added benefit, the universal test and maintenance bench comes with metering and energy management equipments. The compact mobility of universal test & maintenance bench makes it convenient to be used at various locations. The IP55 version of universal test & maintenance bench makes it convenient to use outdoor as well. UTB - 300 can be customized to client's unique requirements for precise testing. Universal test & maintenance bench enables to carry out systems checks by pre and post simulation tests to avoid system failures as a preventive maintenance measure.


Major features of universal test & maintenance bench are:



  • Phase sequence indication with cable & connecting clamps
  • Low voltage audio visual continuity tester
  • Plug in type connections with leads
  • Tailor made equipment and testing.


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