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SMT Machines (India) Limited is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and a Government of India Recognized export house. The company caters to the needs of steel mill industry.

Gear Couplings

A Gear Coupling is used for transmitting torque and power between two shafts. Gear couplings are used for coupling of motor to fly-wheel, fly-wheel to gear box etc. SMT designs and manufactures gear couplings to specific requirements. Gear material used in SMT gear couplings are forged EN-9 steel or forged low alloy steel. These gear couplings are of triple crowned double engagement type. The size of gear couplings is suitable for 150mm PCD mill to 750mm PCD mill 01 No. to 20 No. Lubrication required for gear couplings are allen bolt, forced greased type. The flange hole in gear couplings is reamed. Some of the special features of SMT gear couplings are:


  • A torsionally rigid, lubricated design of gear couplins offers high torque capacity.
  • Teeth of the gear couplings are properly heat treated


Reduction Gear Box

A reduction gear box is used to reduce input and output speed and more output torque. Reduction gear box is a wheel work consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which power is transmitted or motion or torque is changed. SMT manufactures and supplies reduction gear box in single stage, double stage or multistage gear boxes with single and multiple outputs requirement. Casing, housing and structural material used in gear boxes are steel fabricated. Gear material used in reduction gear boxes are forged and forged blank EN-9, EN-19, EN-24 steel. The type of gear box used in reduction gear box is spur, single and double helical gears with up to 2500mm in diameter. Special Features of SMT reduction gear box are:


  • Sturdy design of reduction gear box and gears is suitable for overloads
  • Structure of reduction gear box is MIG welded and tested by non-destructive weld testing
  • Rated torque, rated speed, torsional stiffness, and backlash are considered in designing a reduction gear box


Mill Stands

SMT manufactures and supplies complete range of mill stands for the rolling of wire rods, TMT, light section, medium section and heavy sections steel with ferrous and non ferrous metals. Mill stands are of the type 3Hi and 2Hi horizontal stands, 2Hi vertical stands and universal stands. Housing material used in mill stands are steel casting / cast iron or steel fabricated. Bearing types used in the mill stands are antifriction spherical roller bearing / multi row bearing / fibre bearing or gun metal bush. Sizes available in mill stands are 6"- 30" i.e. from 150mm PCD to 750mm PCD.


The complete range of mill stands includes accessories as required:



  • Pressure bolts in mill stands with worm wheel arrangement
  • Wear and tear plate on the inside of mill stands for long life.
  • Spindle spindles in mill stands manufactured out of forged steel, star / key type


Pinion Gear Box

A pinion gear box reduces input speed to a slower output speed. Pinion gear box is a wheel work with a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion/ torque is changed. The company can manufacture and supply double and triple output shafts as required. Pinion gear boxes from SMT have casing / housing / structure material manufactured from steel fabrication. The gear material in pinion gear boxes are of forged and forged blank EN-9, EN-19, EN-24 steel. The gear type used in pinion gear box is spur, single and double helical gears with up to 2500mm diameter. Special feature of pinion gear boxes are:


  • Heavy duty design of pinion gear box and gears enables overloads.
  • Structure of pinion gear box is MIG welded and tested.
  • Complete casing / housing / structure of the pinion gear box is stress relieved and fully aligned
  • Casing / housing / structure of the pinion gear box is horizontal split type


Slag Crushing Machines

The whole system of slag crushing machines consist of main slag breaking machine, bucket conveyor, second slag milling machine, bucket conveyor, magnetic scrap chips separating machines and ball mill.


  • The power / dust extracts from slug crushing machines system may be sold for consumption in cement plants and earth filling purposes.
  • The dust residuals after above process with slag crushing machines can be dug out easily if used in earth filling.
  • Safety factor in the slag crushing machines are provided through a mechanism of crushing the large pieces first, thus avoiding any accident in subsequent stages.
  • Bucket conveyor ensures smooth and hurdle-less transfer of material from one slag crushing machines to another.
  • The slag dumped in old furnaces can also be extracted for metal chips through this process with slag crushing machines.
  • Less manpower is required in slag crushing machines system than other old techniques of separating metal chips from slag.
  • Purity of metal chips is assured in this accurate process of slag crushing machines.



In all, the above system of slag crushing machines can be a huge advantage for furnace owner.


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